P.O. Box 93, Middleville, Michigan, 49333, (269) 908-1673
Reaching people for Christ, Fighting the good fight of the faith.
1 Timothy 6:12

What should I expect from training?

Warriors for Christ classes are not like most other Martial Arts classes; we make no apologies about being a Christian organization and the training reflects this.

First, each class begins with a devotional Bible study, prayer and quiet time. Also, written studies are required and include topics on Scripture, Karate history, Christ-centered philosophy, attitudes, and Japanese terminology.

Second, the physical training can be rigorous at times, but it is professional and informative. Class times are longer than most, with "kids only" classes lasting one hour and two-hour classes for adult and open classes. Rank advancements come only through hard work, diligent study and "sweat equity". Belt ranks are earned, not handed out; this is serious training for the serious student. You can expect to spend four to five years in training before being considered for the rank of Black Belt. We believe that anything worth having is worth working for.