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1 Timothy 6:12

Warrior Hearts Workout

Warrior Hearts Workout is Martial Arts program for those whose hearts are willing, but the flesh is weak. Have you ever wanted to join the Martial Arts, but felt you couldn’t because of some sort of physical set back – weight problem, medical issue or physical disability? Then this program is for you! Have you always wanted to join the Martial Arts, but felt you couldn’t because you think you are too old, too unfit or simply don’t feel you could keep up with a “regular” martial arts class? Then this program is also for you! At Warrior Hearts we teach a traditional style of karate called Shinsei Wado-Ryu, as is taught in the regular Warriors For Christ classes, but we also teach Tai-Chi and other similar “soft-art” movements and we will work at your speed and will work with your limitations. Training will be designed to work with your assets and to help strengthen your other areas to help you overcome or work with your disabilities. Self Defense plays a key role in Warrior Hearts. We will design lessons to work with your disability, e.g. wheelchair self defense, cane defense, seated defense, traditional Wado-Ryu self defense, gun & knife defense, street defense, women’s self defense etc. Warrior Hearts is designed for those of us who think we “can’t”, when we actually “can”! We will work with any disability and help you turn it into an ability. This adapted Martial Arts program is designed for you! Don’t think you have been left out. Join our program and prove to yourself that you CAN do it!