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Reaching people for Christ, Fighting the good fight of the faith.
1 Timothy 6:12

Steward Kyoshi

Rev. Kirk B. Steward PhD was born on October 28, 1965 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Prof. Steward moved with his family to Michigan at the age of four. Mr. Steward currently resides in Middleville, Michigan with his wife Nicole. Mr. Steward started training under his father when he was only eight years old. This was not “formal Martial Arts training” but was referred to as “police self-defense”. However, Mr. Steward’s father received this “police self-defense” training directly under a Kung-Fu master and former Chinese Shaolin monk. Mr. Steward’s first experience in formal training came when he took a course in Kodokan Judo offered at the local High School.

At the age of nineteen, Mr. Steward started training in WADO-RYU Karate under Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nickerson. Mr. Steward achieved the rank of Sho-Dan in April of 1987. Mr. Nickerson turned the direction of the Middleville Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Dojo over to Mr. Steward shortly after Mr. Steward earned his Sho-Dan. Mr. Steward earned the rank of Ni-Dan in October of 1990 from Mr. and Mrs. James Zimmermann of the U.S. Eastern Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Federation. On October 15, 1992 Mr. Steward closed down the Middleville Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Dojo. Mr. Steward said “I gave my heart to Jesus in May of 1991 and had many struggles with Karate afterward. The reason I was having struggles was because my Karate was above Jesus in my heart. When I came to realize this, I gave up Karate and closed the school.” This was not the end of Mr. Stewards Karate career. “As soon as I put God first, the Lord began showing me ways that Karate could be used of God. In March of 1993 I began teaching Karate privately for Church groups and laying the foundation of a new way to teach Karate with Christ at the Center.” Mr. Steward was then led to take this new ministry to the inner city of Grand Rapids. Mr. Steward found an inner city location at Dégagé ministries and on January 4, 1994, with four students in attendance, Warriors for Christ was officially established. Mr. Steward went out on his own to form a unique version of Wado-Ryu called “Shinsei Wado-Ryu Karate-Do” which is decidedly Christian in its philosophical outlook but still maintains many of the old traditions, techniques and curriculum of traditional Wado-Ryu Karate-Do but is also influenced by other styles that Mr. Steward is ranked in such as Shiho-Karano and Shinsei Kempo. Mr. Steward is currently under the direction of Soke Clement G. Reidner, PhD. founder of the Christian Black Belt Association and founder of the style of Shiho-Karano-Ryu Karate. Soke Riedner still helps Mr. Steward shape and mold his unique version of Wado still to this day. Mr. Steward earned his first master rank of “Yon-Dan” (4th degree) in both Shinsei Wado-Ryu Karate and Shiho-Karano Ryu Karate, in June 2001. Prof. Steward holds many titles including “Kyoshi” (Chief Instructor) and “Yudansha-Shihan”.

Other accomplishments include;

  • Founder and Chief Master Instructor of the Warriors for Christ Karate-Do Federation
  • Associate Chaplain with the Christian Black Belt Association
  • Certified Master Instructor by the Christian Black Belt Association
  • Charter member of the Christian Black Belt Association
  • Independently Ordained Reverend and Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Holds a Doctorate of Divinity degree
  • Holds an Associates degree in Fitness and Nutrition
  • Board member for the Ambassador Martial Arts Network
  • Member of Karate for Christ International

Current ranks include;
  • 6th degree Black Belt (Roku-Dan) in Shinsei Wado-Ryu Karate-Do (9/12/09)
  • 5th degree Black Belt (Go-Dan) in Shiho-Karano Nippon Karate-Do (4/2/05)
  • 2nd degree Black Belt (Ni-Dan) in Shinsei Kenpo (8/11/03)
  • 1st degree Black Belt (Sho-Dan) in Shiho-Karano Ju-Jitsu (3/24/07)
  • Founder and Kyoshi (Head Instructor) of Kirisuto-No Seija-Ryu Iaido-Batto-Jitsu