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Reaching people for Christ, Fighting the good fight of the faith.
1 Timothy 6:12

“Kids these days!”

I hear the statements all the time. “Kids these days have no respect for their elders.” “Kids these days have no respect for authority or other people’s property.” “Kids these days are too self-centered.” “Kids these days lack discipline.” “Kids these days are couch potatoes.” “Kids these days are lazy, bored and lack imagination.” “Kids these days have nothing to do but play video games and get in trouble.” “Kids these days need Jesus.”

Since 1992 I have been blessed to be a part of a ministry that deals with all of these issues and more. I have been blessed to see many people, both kids and adults, be touched by this ministry.

I heard it said recently, “People are not exactly knocking down the doors of the church.” And this is so true. Statistically speaking, church growth is at a low point in America. However, there is good news; many “alternative” ministries are having a great deal of success in reaching people for the Kingdom of Christ. Since 1992 I have had the privilege of being involved in just such an alternative ministry, namely Warriors for Christ Karate-Do Ministries.

You might be saying, “Wait a minute, what does Karate have to do with Jesus? Isn’t Karate all about violence and Buddhism and such?

These are common misconceptions that spring from the poor representation of the true Martial Arts that the popular media promote. The truth is that Karate can be an antidote to violence and is designed to build positive character traits. Bruce Lee himself said, “Kicks and punches are tools to kill the ego.” The Martial Arts that Karate springs from are much, much older than Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism or any other Eastern religion or philosophy. Forget about Bruce Lee and Stephen Seagal, the greatest Martial Artists that ever lived were men like King David, Jonathan, Shammah and Samson from the Holy Bible and their Martial Arts can be traced clear back to Abram and his 318 trained men.

(For more on the TRUE history of the Martial Arts click here)

I don’t believe that you are here reading this by accident. I believe that the Lord has put this letter in front of you so that you can be a part of what Warriors for Christ is doing for the Kingdom of Christ. Whether the Lord leads you to support WFC financially, prayerfully or to join our fellowship, I firmly believe that you are reading this by Divine Appointment and you are going to be richly blessed through getting involved in this dynamic ministry.

                      Kirk B. Steward