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1 Timothy 6:12


At Warriors For Christ we believe in being very up front about things. But before I just list the actual costs of lessons I would like to share a few things with you about “Kiahi” or monthly dues. In ancient times those who led and taught in the Samurai ranks were paid very well and often held on retainer with a generous salary even during peacetime. It was considered an honor and a privilege to generously support those who were leaders and teachers. This also fits well with the Bible as scripture teaches that “The worker is worth his wages.” and “Do not muzzle the Ox while he is treading out the grain.”

The current national rate for professional Martial Arts training averages between $100.00 and $250.00 per month. Most of these programs require contracts as well. At Warriors For Christ we do not require contracts and we just have the old traditional method of paying per month. This also teaches responsibility. We also try to keep costs down and even offer scholarship and fund raising programs for those who truly desire to learn but may not have the financial means to do so.

All programs are on a pay by month membership basis. If you do not even attend one class per month it is the same cost as attending every session that is offered. It is a “membership” not a “pay per session” program. The traditional view on this is that you are supporting those who have worked so hard to gain the knowledge that they are passing down to you. If you decide to take a month off without paying, your instructors living expenses don’t go down that month do they?


Starting cost = $60.00 per month.
Early payment discount:
Pay before the tenth of each month and receive a $10.00 off discount.

Family discounts*

Second family member is $10.00 off
Third family member is $15.00 off
Fourth or more family members is $20.00 off each.

*family member means sharing the same income as a family.