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Reaching people for Christ, Fighting the good fight of the faith.
1 Timothy 6:12


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Art of the Seija is more than just a book on the Christian Martial Arts. Art of the Seija is about the state of the church and how all Christians are called to be

“Warriors For Christ”

The battle ground is the hearts and immortal souls of mankind and the greatest weapon that the church has is the Love of Christ!!

Step up to the challenge today and run to the battle!!

Have you ever wondered about the Martial Arts and these often superb athletes that do incredible feats? Have you ever wondered what’s behind the many “mysterious” elements in the Martial Arts? Perhaps you, or a friend, have had a child who wanted to train in Karate, but you had too many questions. Maybe you’ve seen Hollywood’s portrayal of these “oriental” fighting arts, and it has left you feeling you could never be involved in such things, let alone allow your child to practice them. Whether you are a concerned parent, a church leader, or even just a Christian who wants to be well informed on the subject of the Martial Arts and Christian involvement, Professor Kirk Steward’s book, Art of the Seija, will answer your questions. Rev. Phil Lewis